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What's my age again? Tell me my age again.

What's my age again? What's my age again?
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Do you ever wonder how old you look?
That is the purpose of this community, finding out how old others think you look. You decide how you take it.

This is how the community works:
Send me your picture with your birthdate to: guessmyageagain@gmail.com. I will make an entry every Sunday with your picture among others sent to me, asking people to guess the age of those in the entry. No names or usernames will be revealed in the entry and comments will be screened. After a couple of days I will do an entry revealing the ages guessed and the actual ages of those in the previous entry(ex:This person is 21, these are the ages people guessed...yadah yadah yadah.)

These are the rules:
1.)Naked pictures will not be posted.
2.)Please send clear pictures only. Can't tell your age if we can't see how you look.
3.)Pictures cannot be any bigger than 400 by 400 pixels.
4.)And any form of abuse will not be tolerated. Offensive comments will result in a warning then a permanent ban. Two strikes and you're out!
5.)Be honest when submitting your birthdate. Names or usernames aren't given for a reason=)

Hopefully, more people will join this community as "the more, the merrier" definitely applies here.

Have fun!

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